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Get Out, Stay Out

BethAnne Clayton BUY “Get Out, Stay Out”

So excited to announce my new song “Get Out, Stay Out”.  This is An inspirational and powerful song about HOPE; about the desperate need for a cure for cancer; a song to inspire the removal of all toxic situations, people, substances, anything out to destroy your well being and how we all have the power to say NO!

IMG_7507(1) At this time in my life I am grateful for just about any circumstance that comes my way, as long as I am BREATHING. One more day on this journey is another day I can be in my son’s life; one more lesson I can learn and pass on to him. Battling stage 3 ovarian cancer for a second time and now continuously has certainly given me the opportunity to show him how to fight, how to believe, how to be resilient, how to have hope. I can’t ask for more than that. After my 15 year old son lost his Dad to cancer last year, together we beautifully share the gift of music that we’ve been blessed with, and we use that music to feel and to heal. Throughout all of these difficult trials I use songwriting to express myself and my son supports me through it all, musically by playing and singing by my side, and emotionally by standing by my side; and the music lifts us up. My wish is to inspire everyone to LIVE. To have hope for a cure someday; for our generation, for future generations to come. With that, I am proud to present the Words & Music Company produced video debut of “Get Out, Stay Out”, a song about living not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones; it’s about never giving up, about STANDING UP TO CANCER!


Thanks as always for your support!

Love, BethAnne

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