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Get Out, Stay Out

BethAnne Clayton BUY “Get Out, Stay Out”

So excited to announce my new song “Get Out, Stay Out”.  This is An inspirational and powerful song about HOPE; about the desperate need for a cure for cancer; a song to inspire the removal of all toxic situations, people, substances, anything out to destroy your well being and how we all have the power to say NO!

IMG_7507(1) I have been working on the music video for this song and it is almost ready to be released. My son plays bass and sings on the record and appears in the video. I’m so proud of him for all his support; musically and emotionally.

Stay tuned for the upcoming video; in the meantime click on the link to get your own copy!

BethAnne Clayton BUY “Get Out, Stay Out”

Thanks as always for your support!



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